Term Life / Universal Life Quotes

Get instant Term or Universal Life quotes from carriers like Genworth, North American and Mutual of Omaha (Agent Advantage Log in Required...see below).

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Additonal Instructions:

  1. Birthday/Age, Gender, State - Enter birthdate, gender, and select state
  2. Amount of Insurance, Payment Option - Enter Face amount and monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payment option
  3. Desired Product Type - Select “Guaranteed/Non-Guaranteed Term” for fully underwritten quotes or select “Simplified Issue” for non-medical quotes.
  4. Desired Length - Check one or more 10, 15, 20 or 30 term lengths and/or “Guaranteed UL”
  5. Health Class – Select tobacco or non-tobacco health class. For additional resources to determine Health Class click on the “Edit Client’s Health Profile”. Enter some or all build, tobacco use, family history, blood pressure, cholesterol, and driving violations information. Select “I’m finished return to quote”. Click on “Preview Health Class Results” for list of carriers and health class.
  6. Carrier/Product – You can select to view quotes from all carriers, name the carriers wanted, or select those with e-app only
  7. Riders – For your first quotes, it’s best not to select rider(s). Not all riders are offered by all carriers or available to quote in tool.
  8. Client Name – Enter your clients name to personalize the printed quote.
  9. Click on “View all Quotes” for a listing carriers and premiums.
  10. Selecting “Print Quotes” at the top of the page will print all quotes listed. To print only a few quotes, click on the box on the left of the selected quote(s) then “Compare Checked” at the top of the page, then “Print Quotes” twice. This opens a PDF page that can be saved or emailed to a client.

Universal Life / Indexed Universal Life Illustrations

For an illustration showing UL or IUL cash value accumulation, call the Senior Market Sales Life Department at 1-877-888-0166.

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