INSpeed Telephone Based Point-of-Sale Process

Balitmore Life’s INSpeed innovative telephone based point-of-sale process is used whether you are face-to-face, across the city, state, or country. With this point of sale process, the application is taken over the phone, underwritten, approved, initial premium accepted with a voice signature, coverage bound, and assigned a policy all in a matter of minutes. INSpeed technology is an innovative point-of-sale technology to electronically transmit the application data, underwrite, approve, accept an initial premium, bind the coverage, and assign a policy number and is completed all in a matter of minutes.

The agent pre-qualifies the applicant and discusses premium before contacting the call center. This process requires the agent and client to telephone the call center to complete the enrollment process. A high percentage of applications are instantly approved for issue. An initial EFT premium is required to place the coverage in-force at the point-of-sale.

INSpeed technology utilizes an electronic signature to collect the premium due and complete the application process and provides the necessary authorization allowing Baltimore Life to underwrite and issue a policy. The entire process is recorded by the call center.